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Keep It Fresh

Are You Stuck?

I and other lifestyle coaches sometimes talk about stages of change. Although these stages are not carved in stone, there are generally five stages that you can find yourself in:

1. Not ready for change.
2. Thinking about change.
3. Preparing for action.
4. Taking action.
5. Maintaining a good thing.

Sometimes I meet people who say they are not happy with the way they look or feel, yet they are not able to make the changes they need to improve things. Or, they have begun to make changes but they keep “falling off the wagon” or have made some changes but are “stuck” in a particular stage, or "relapse to an earlier stage, and their desired goal remains tantalizingly out of reach. This can be frustrating for them and me alike!

Sound familiar?

Fortunately, there is a marvelous tool you can use to help break up this kind of log jam and get things moving.  Read More 
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