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Keep It Fresh

Restaurant Survival Guide

Are you looking for healthier versions of traditional ways to celebrate Valentine's Day and showing your love? I'm getting ready for my next internet radio show, www.blocktalkradio.com/Nancercize. My guest, Jennifer Cheng and I are going to be talking about sensual food, play, and ways of relaxing that will add to the longevity of your love and your love life.

One of the trickiest items is food. We want to celebrate, eat something special. But who likes that too-full, bloated, and maybe a little guilty feeling afterward? Not romantic! Not hot!

This Valentine's Day--or any day--use this handy Restaurant Survival Guide, which I've adapted from my book, "Dare to Lose." When you order following these guidelines, you'll feel lighter, more energetic, and raring to go afterward.

The Basics:
• Order what you want; if it’s not on the menu, ask. You’re the boss.
• Choose the restaurant—don’t leave it to others.
• Cultivate relationships with the restaurant staff
• Order a salad or veggie appetizer, share the main dish
• Eat a la carte, and don’t be afraid to ask for substitutions, even if it costs a little more. You pay twice if you don’t, anyway. (The money, AND the pounds)
• Say no thank you to the bread basket-- order a salad or vegetable immediately
• Go easy or skip the pasta and rice
• Watch out for buffets!

• Yes – poached, clay pot, baked, steamed, stir fry maybe
• Rice – none or ½ cup maximum
• No – fried anything, sweet & sour, bird’s nest

• Yes – minestrone soup, salads, primavera, grilled shrimp, marinara
• Pizza – rarely; if you do, have with vegetables on top, not pepperoni or sausage
• No – antipasto, creamy alfredo, carbonara; fried anything including vegetables

• Yes – grilled chicken, shrimp, octopus, lamb, kabobs
• No – hummus, babaganoush, tahini sauce, fried anything

• Yes – miso, edamame, sashimi, sushi (easy on the rice)

• No – fried/tempura

• Yes – tandoori, (marinated, roasted)
• No – curry, masala (fatty), butter (ghee), fried breads (poori)

• Yes – marinade, seafood (ceviche), enchilada, soft tacos; veggie burrito, whole beans, fajita, grilled fish or chicken, salsa, gazpacho, a little guacamole
• No – fried anything, chips, refried beans (made with fat/lard), nachos, mountains of guacamole, sour cream, cheese

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