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Keep It Fresh

Yes: More Water Fountains

Don't you feel trapped by the fact that it's healthier to drink water instead of sugary drinks, but feel bad about all those plastic bottles and their effect on the environment and our health? The solution is that we need more water fountains to supply us with clean water while we're out and about! This is one of the ideas, with a new twist, in The Daily Green , which posted a great article about how what's old is new again--and green. This fits in perfectly with a book I edited, "The Original Green," by Steve Mouzon. The Daily Green says: "The thrifty culture born of the downturn has seen consumers "hacking" (modifying items for new purposes), recycling, upcycling and even cycling their way to unintentionally eco-friendly behavior. As more people embrace these ways to save money and exercise some creativity, this accidentally green behavior will become increasingly ingrained." So says Ann Mack, head of trendspotting for JWTintelligence.com. Here are 12 old trends that are new again, and they just happen to be green." The list includes clotheslines, another idea I love--this not only saves energy, but gives us clothes that smell like sunshine, not the inside of a dryer.
Read more: http://www.thedailygreen.com/environmental-news/latest/2010-trends-47123001?src=nl&mag=tdg&list=nl_dgr_got_non_070510_2010-trends&kw=ist#ixzz0sp1OFxN5
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