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Coping with Chemotherapy:
Authoritative Information and Compassionate Advice from a Chemotherapy Survivor

The classic, long-time best seller that tells you how to take care of yourself while undergoing treatment for cancer. Coping with Chemotherapy is a must-read for anyone diagnosed with cancer and those who care about them.

In 1980, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. For me, the news that I needed chemotherapy was worse than the news that I needed surgery. Three years later, I had recovered sufficiently from the shock of the diagnosis and the rigors of the therapy to realize I was the best one to write a book for other cancer patients who needed a road map and a hand to hold. This is the book I wished I had then. I am happy to say it has become a classic. The latest edition is thoroughly updated, and still fills the gap in authoritative yet compassionate information about this frightening and controversial cancer treatment. I detail every step of the process, providing information even doctors neglect to tell their patients, including how to decide if chemo is right for you, possible sexual and emotional side effects and ways to combat them; how to use support for mind, body, and spirit; diet, nutrition, supplements, exercise, and mind-body techniques to help minimize side effects and possibly enhance the effectiveness of the treatment.

Here's what one reader has to say about Coping with Chemotherapy:
" Bruning covers aspects of curing Cancer that no one is prepared for, in a factual, non-pitying way. This book is a departure from many 'I Survived the Big C' books that gloss over how to contend with symptoms and side effects that do have remedies.

" As she covers each topic, you may find her own personal experience tucked among the information. But her recovery is not the subject here. It was the variety of information, some outside the traditional approaches with their risks, besides what foods may be helpful.

" When I joined CANSURVIVORS, a help group through American Cancer Society, I knew that a factual help book like this was immensely important to ease people through their illness. I refer to it all the time, but often have given my copy away again!

" After my treatment, with many bumps along the way despite the best of care, I was determined that a different book was needed. I would write it. I organized the topics, and was searching for professionals to interview. I was startled to find that Bruning followed my outline in "Coping with Chemotherapy" two years earlier. She had written my book very well! I thank her again."