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Weight and Wellness: Dare To Lose

The fact is, it's difficult to live a full, healthy life without being a healthy weight. And it's difficult to manage your weight without the proper nutrition. Two of my books, Dare to Lose and The Real Vitamin & Mineral book deal with this directly. But writing books for people is not enough! It's difficult to make lifestyle changes and maintain them on your own. These books have been a springboard to me. I offer nutrition consultations, as well as individual and group wellness and weight loss coaching. I incorporate the Transitions Lifestyle System, which grew out of Dare to Lose, and highly absorbable Isotonix nutritional supplements are my tools of choice for optimum health for myself and my clients.

Filling in Nutrition Gaps

For a multitude of reasons, it's difficult to get all the nutrition we need from food. From soil depletion, to growing, harvesting, and storing practices, from hurried lives, to extra stress and medications--its no wonder that many studies have shown that Americans are deficient in many nutrients. Supplements help fill the gaps. These are my three favorite supplements, all in isotonic form: a powder I mix with water and drink so my body can absorb and use them better than supplement pills.

What Is the Transitions Lifestyle System (TLS)?

The 4-part system was designed and tested by my co-author, Dr. Shari Lieberman and a team of health professionals.

In a pilot study, people on the Transitions Lifestyle System lost twice the weight and three times the waist inches as with Weight Watchers, The Zone, or the Atkins Diet. (Lieberman et al, Alt. Comp. Therapies (2005) 11:307-313).

Transitions consists of four factors or steps that have been shown to work synergistically and are the key to long lasting results.
The 4 steps are:

1. De-stress your life and reboot your brain and body.
2. Eat the low-glycemic way to lose body fat and stay thin for life.
3. Use physical activity to train your body to build lean muscle and burn fat 24/7.
4. Take nutritional supplements to support healthy weight loss.

What's special is the way the 4 steps in the program work synergistically to target fat, not lean body tissue (muscle). To accomplish this, we use tools and methods that have been scientifically proven to boost the effectiveness of wellness programs, including education, group and coach support, journaling, stress reduction, and behavior modification techniques.

Here’s a sample of what my happy Transitions graduates have to say:

"I was skeptical at first, but I lost 3 inches around my waist the very first month..."
"I don't feel deprived, I can do this for the rest of my life..."
"Nancy is really positive and supportive, she really cares about our success..."

I use the latest scientific methods to help you:

* Get off the dieting treadmill for good.
* Learn how to unhijack your brain from addiction to junk foods.
* Get the skinny on low-glycemic eating.
* Unlock the secrets of distinguishing good calories and bad calories.
* Break free of eating triggers and exercise saboteurs.
* Make sure you lose more fat, and less muscle.

Take a look at these short videos:

Results After 12 weeks on the Transitions Lifestyle System (TLS)

Before and after the 12-week program.

Before Transitions Barry and Liz Ritter’s BMI’s and waist measurements put them in the very high risk category. In addition, Liz’s blood lipids profile put her high risk for diabetes and heart disease. Both love food and have no trouble following the Transitions Lifestyle System. Liz is also a regular in one of my Outdoor Fitness Programs.

Results after 12 weeks:

Barry lost:
33 pounds (14% of body weight)
23” overall
4” from waist

Liz lost:
22 pounds (11% of body weight)
21” overall
5” from waist

Results after 1 year:
Barry lost 50 pounds.
Liz lost 30 pounds -- AND: Liz’s blood lipids (total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, and cholesterol:LDL ratio) were in the normal range, for the first time in over a decade. She and her physician are very pleased.

The Backstory

For me, the personal and professional are intertwined. As an editor and writer, when I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of thirty, I turned that life-altering experience into two books--and began a career and a life dedicated to helping others live more healthfully.

In 2003 I became a certified personal trainer and in 2006 I earned my master's degree in public health. I recently completed three more trainings--as a Lifestyle Coach through Total Coach, and as a Transitions Lifestyle System Coach and a nutraMetrix Consultant through Market America.

After losing 30 pounds and regaining and losing chunks of that again and again, after starving myself and following what I now realize were bizarre diets, I refuse to waste a moment eating food I hate just because someone tells me it's "healthy" or "not fattening," or doing an exercise that's boring or uncomfortable because it's supposed to be "good for me." I believe there's no good reason I have to do any of these awful things--and neither should anyone else.

This is why I created Nancercize, the results of years of study and experience with people of all ages and from all walks of life--from teens to seniors, from boomers to new moms. I have both the scientific knowledge and the coaching skills to help people discover their unique blend of physical and mental nourishment and activity to create a healthy lifestyle they can continue for the rest of their lives.

One size does not fit all. Nancercize gives you the special attention you deserve and need.

Nancercize is my Outdoor Exercise, Wellness and Weight Loss Coaching business. I begin with a basic four factor framework, based on science, and customize that to my clients. One size does not fit all when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, and life is too short and precious to settle for the "minimum wages" of nourishment for mind, body, and spirit.

My clients and I work together as a team to get them moving toward a healthier, happier, more confident life.