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The Way of the Belly:
8 Essential Secrets of Beauty, Sensuality, Health, Happiness, and Outrageous Fun

The Way of the Belly is more than about belly dance, in all its mysterious, soulful, feminine sensuality—it's about the dance of life itself. Years of exploration, practice, and reflection have insinuated a deep knowledge and wisdom in the authors. For them, belly dance has come to be more than a 3,000-year-old art form, and more than a successful profession. It's the wellspring for their philosophy of life: the Way of the Belly. In this remarkable book, Neena and Veena share their journey to find and express their true selves and overcome the obstacles that life has presented to them. They reveal the secrets of their philosophy; their immense inner and outer beauty, joy, sensuality; and physical, mental, and spiritual vitality. Each of the seven chapters is devoted to cultivating one aspect of the belly-self—the actual and symbolic center of your essence, your true self, your core. In learning to love, listen, connect, unburden, nourish, heal, and work your bellies and yourselves, you learn to you to join the legions of women of all shapes and ages who have transformed themselves and their lives through living the Way of the Belly.

From Publishers Weekly:

The belly, say Neena and Veena, is not only the center of a woman's body, but also metaphorically her emotional and spiritual core. The strikingly attractive sisters known as the Bellytwins, who combine their belly-dancing career with a line of popular workout DVDs and videos, promise the reader a "feminine, sensory makeover" that encompasses not only weight-loss advice but techniques for how to talk, walk and dress. The sisters believe "it's not being selfish to take care of yourself and do what you need to do." Their detailed descriptions of belly-dance moves, guidelines for applying makeup and dressing in sensual, colorful clothing, and tips for facial and body treatments using natural foods and essential oils are both revealing and delightful. Wise, eye-opening and embracing an unabashedly feminine perspective, this book reveals that the two women of Indian heritage (though born in California) are deeply connected to their bodies, the earth and their own pleasure: "all of life [is] a dance," write the authors, and this exotically charming book will make readers want to see their own lives the same way.

My co-authors, Neena and Veena, also known as the "bellytwins," are the world's only identical-twin boa-constrictor belly dancers. They've traveled throughout the Middle East and India to develop their techniques and throughout the world to perform for top celebrities. For the last 15 years, they've been dancing and teaching belly dance and other dance classes. They've performed in film, television, theater, music videos, and even during the Academy Awards; and have been featured in countless magazines including Vogue and People.