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Keep It Fresh

Thanksgiving without Tears

So often, holidays are our downfall. We celebrate, and then feel fat and guilty. But I'm heartened by all the healthful recipes flying around this year.. more than ever. For example, The New York Times features a wonderful sounding pumpkin bisque from Crazy, Sexy goddess Kris Carr; and Seitan Piccata from Candle 79. We can have our cake and eat it too--just not three pieces!

And don't forget to take a post-dinner walk.

What are your favorite healthy holiday recipes?
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Be Cool, Stay Warm

The first tinge of winter is in the air--time to plan ahead for outdoor exercise in colder weather. Some people use the cold as an excuse for staying indoors. But think again: a recent study in Obesity Reviews suggests that staying indoors where its toasty warm may be adding to our overweight problems—and  Read More 
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"101 Things to Do on a Park Bench" is live on you tube

Our full-length video is now live on You Tube, at

as well as the Facebook page for the Fort Tryon Park Trust at

I created this video for the Fort Tryon Park Trust
A fresh approach to fitness. It shows that you don’t need fancy gym equipment and you don’t need a lot of time. You don’t even need to be wearing workout clothes. All you need is a park bench and an open mind!  Read More 
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Life After Chemotherapy

In an internet radio interview today, my host included a conversation between me and a woman who had also had chemotherapy, over 20 years ago. She said she was doing "pretty well." We spoke about the "aftermath" and she said she had decided to "eat anything I damn well please" and "not get much exercise."  Read More 
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Starting Fresh

It’s a new year, don’t we know it? And don’t we want to start fresh? I know I do. Whether you want to just clean up your nutrition or boost your weight loss results, now's the time to reverse the damages of those holiday indulgences. But, holiday feasting doesn't need to  Read More 
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Is It Your Genes or Your Environment? Epi-Genetics and You

Does high blood pressure, a big belly, or cancer run in your family? Does that mean you're doomed to get these too? The burgeoning field of epi-genetics is working on the answer. Epi-genetics is the science of what makes our genes express themselves the way they do. What determines genetic expression is surprisingly within our control,  Read More 
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Yoga and Poetry – Strong Medicine

Do you ever feel weak and unassertive? Would you like to feel stronger? Trying the yoga pose called The Warrior might be just the place for you to start.

This was one of the most striking concepts that emerged during my recent radio conversation with father-daughter co-authors, Stephen and Shawna Emerick, who have just written a book together called the Nature of Life—Inner Voice, Inner Light. Read More 
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Yes: More Water Fountains

Don't you feel trapped by the fact that it's healthier to drink water instead of sugary drinks, but feel bad about all those plastic bottles and their effect on the environment and our health? The solution is that we need more water fountains to supply us with clean water while we're out and about! This is one of the ideas, with a new twist, in The Daily Green  Read More 
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From Someone Who's Really, Finally, Ready to Lose

People are asking me how much I paid Jane to write this. I swear, nothing!
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Finding Your Sweet Spot--Maintaining a Healthy Life Style

How can you have more vitality on a daily basis? Do you need new fitness ideas and better fuel choices? ... are you dissatisfied with the results you've been getting and need motivation? Do you need help in maintaining a healthier lifestyle?

In a recent Nancercize Blogtalkradio show, my guest Lisa Priestly and I traded tips about exactly that. Read More 
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