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Workouts with a View

Nancercize: not just a walk in the park.

For a breath of fresh air, take your workouts outdoors.

After years of being a gym rat, I've seen the light, so to speak. Parks are becoming a logical alternative environment for those who want to add variety to their work outs, or who just don't like the gym. And, it's an affordable way to increase physical activity opportunities, because there's nothing special to build.

Exercise with a view, in natural sunlight, with green scenery all around bestows health benefits that can’t be found indoors. Scientific studies have shown that the pleasure of being outdoors for example gives your brain, psyche, and immune system an extra boost.

So, who can argue with the pleasure of push ups with a view?

The Fort Tryon Park Fitness Walkers

"Thank you for serving as an inspiration to me to eat healthy, stay fit, and be involved in the community."

"The park is beautiful, the sunrise is lovely, the warm-ups and cool-downs are very helpful, it’s fun to walk in a group and I find I’m more likely to push myself than when I walk alone. The walk makes me feel good, and .. Nancy is personable, skilled, peppy and encouraging."

"I like the feeling of accomplishment and burst of energy I get from working out early in the day. I like knowing I'm getting two strength workouts a week, since this is the part I tend to neglect on my own. I also like that I now recognize more faces in the neighborhood and park, and have conversations with people I’ve met in the class. It does help create community."

"I really like the mix of upper body and lower body workout. I love the group format and look forward to seeing folks regularly. I hope this group continues not only for the fitness support it offers but just knowing more people in my neighborhood increases my enjoyment as well as sense of security living here. This is one of the best things going right now in this area and the park, with its natural setting so geographically central to Washington Heights and Inwood, naturally lends itself as a gathering place to build community."

"I’ve noticed a definite improvement—I can lift my 40-pound grandson without aches and pains the next day—my endurance is much better."

Year-round New York City Outdoor Fitness Programs
that I created:


Fort Tryon Park
(Washington Heights)
Featured in Time Out, the Manhattan Times, the Daily News, and the New York Times
Ongoing: Tuesdays and Wednesdays 7:30 AM - 8:30 AM; Saturdays 8:30 AM - 9:30 AM


Central Park
Tuesdays 10 AM - 11 AM
(Upper West Side)


Marcus Garvey Park
(East Harlem)


Saint Nicholas Park
(Central Harlem)