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Swimming for Total Fitness

Swimming is one of the best, most enjoyable, and most effective forms of exercise available, and this is the classic guide for beginners and expert swimmers alike. Black and white line drawings throughout explain proper techniques for everything you need to know to enjoy this lifelong, safe, effective activity.

From Library Journal:

Katz, an accomplished swimmer and educator, offers this update of her 1981 book of the same title ( LJ 3/15/81). She presents a graduated program to learning the basics of swimming, beginning with lessons for novice, intermediate, and advanced swimmers and progressing to demanding super workouts for the competitive swimmer. Within each level are ten detailed sublevels, plus variations, warm-ups and cool-downs, advice on physical problems, equipment, racing, and fitness. The treatment is comprehensive, clear, and detailed, though it could have benefited from more illustrations or photographs. Katz's book offers better coverage than Marianne Brems's Swim for Fitness (Chronicle, 1979), or Katherine Vaz and Chip Zempel's Swim Swim: A Complete Handbook for Fitness Swimmers ( LJ 5/1/86). This is essential for all public and academic library sports collections.

“Dr. Jane Katz is an aquatic authority one should pay attention to. We all cannot have Dr. Katz to teach us on a regular basis, but we can keep this book close by.”
--John A. Butterfield, former Executive Director of the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports

My co-author, Jane Katz, Ed.D., aquatics specialist for over forty years, is a professor of physical education and athletics at John Jay College of Criminal Justice of the City University of New York. She is a World Masters swimming and synchro champion. Dr. Katz received the International Olympic Committee’s FINA Certificate of Merit to honor her dedication and contribution to the development of the sport of swimming during the 2000 Olympics. She has served as a member of the Disability International Foundation, USA Swimming, the International Swimming Hall of Fame, and more. She is the author of Your Water Workout. She lives in New York City.