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Keep It Fresh

Life After Chemotherapy

In an internet radio interview today, my host included a conversation between me and a woman who had also had chemotherapy, over 20 years ago. She said she was doing "pretty well." We spoke about the "aftermath" and she said she had decided to "eat anything I damn well please" and "not get much exercise." At the time of her diagnosis, she was living a healthy lifestyle--"a complete health nut," she called herself--and resented the fact that she got sick anyway. I hear ya. I too went through a rebellious stage where I didn't care what I ate, dammit. It was short-lived, though. I realized that when I don't take care of myself, and eat too much sugar and refined flour, etc. not exercising enough, I don't feel great. When I do take care of myself, I feel much better. It's a quality of life issue--if I have a shortened time on earth, I was to feel great while I'm here. When I revise the book, I'll be looking at this more closely. to hear the complete interview, visit
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