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Keep It Fresh

Finding Your Sweet Spot--Maintaining a Healthy Life Style

How can you have more vitality on a daily basis? Do you need new fitness ideas and better fuel choices? ... are you dissatisfied with the results you've been getting and need motivation? Do you need help in maintaining a healthier lifestyle?

In a recent Nancercize Blogtalkradio show, my guest Lisa Priestly and I traded tips about exactly that.

So often, people go like gangbusters on a new, healthy lifestyle, love the results, but then have problems maintaining their new habits. It’s so easy to fall off the wagon–we’re all so busy, and we’re constantly being tempted by the unhealthy foods and sedentary lifestyles all around us. And then, there’s the money issue. It’s no wonder that studies show that most people gain back any weight they’ve lost–and some gain back more than they lost in the first place!

So, maintenance is key. But how? Once the novelty has worn off, how do you continue to live your healthier life? I'm a big fan of having a group around to support you, with regular meetings to keep you on track and accountable.

Here are some other tips from the show for maintaining a fitness program:

To start out right:

1. Hire a trainer or find a workout buddy.
2. Schedule a “workout” appointment for yourself and keep it!
3. Find an exercise class or something that you enjoy – walking, biking, swimming, dancing--and do it at least 150 minutes per week

To deal with a plateau:

4. Adopt something new – weights, boot camp, yoga
5. Change the intensity of your exercise--intervals are very effective, fun, and can shorten the actual time you need to exercise
6. Set a new goal, such as a certain number of push ups, sign up for a race, improve your speed, join a team
7. Make “flexibility” part of your life. (Sit on the floor when reading or watching TV and stretch at your desk).
8. Walk an extra 20 minutes a day

Neutralize Negativity

"I want to get in shape, but I just don’t have the time..."
"I just can’t get to the gym…it's not convenient…"
"I want to lose weight but I don’t have willpower to make good food choices..."

I can’t ... I can’t ... I can’t ...

So if you keep saying "can’t" do you think success is possible? Negative self-talk dampens motivation. Along with training your muscles, train your “yes I can” attitude. We are our worst critic!

Tips to release negative self-talk:

Ask yourself: What is possible and what possibility am I willing to create?

1. Sit and just breathe 5-10 minutes and day – especially if feeling tense or anxious.
2. When you feel discouraged – remember it’s a journey not a destination… you just have to hold the course and persevere.
3. Ask your self – “what one new healthy habit will I practice this week?”
4. Find a friend or partner to help keep you accountable to your goals and dreams.
5. Do yoga – it strengthens body, mind and spirit.
6. Keep a journal of your life and your dreams. Keeping a journal has been found to double weight loss.
7. Write down 3 things in your life that you are grateful for--this changes your brain chemistry and opens you up to making changes.

To learn more, listen to the entire episode--visit You can also listen to past episodes of the entire 5-part series that Lisa Priestly and I have been collaborating on. We'll help you stay on course and maintaining a healthy lifestyle by finding the right balance of fuel, fitness, and focus.
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