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Finding Your Fitness Sweet Spot – Reaching Your Goals

In my previous post, I provided the measurement tools that Lisa Priestly and I talked about in my recent Nancercize internet radio show, “Finding Your Fitness Sweet Spot.” In this post, I’ll be providing you with Lisa’s recommended template – how to put exercise to use to reach your specific goals and based on your lifestyle. Believe me, the particulars vary greatly depending on whether you’re raring to lose a significant amount of weight, or whether you’re job is “beating you up.”

To listen to the complete episode, please go to

* For the relaxation component that Lisa emphasizes and which is often overlooked, but very important, please see my earlier radio shows:

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Here’s how to customize your workouts, again, based on American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) recommendations:

Main goal: Weight loss - emphasize cardio, but don’t forget everything else!

1. Overweight and obese individuals will most likely experience greater weight reduction and prevent weight regain with 250+ minutes/week of moderate-intensity physical activity. This means about 4- 6hours a week
2. ACSM also recommends strength training as part of this health and fitness regimen, in order to increase fat-free mass and further reduce health. This increases lean muscle mass, which = increased metabolism
3. Do 2 sessions of strength training of 8- 10 exercises- minimum of of 1 set.
4. Daily 5-10 minutes a day of quiet deep nostril breathing*

Main goal: Toning - focus more on strengthening, but don’t forget the cardio!
All programs have min of 10 warm up and 10 mins of flexibility

1. 3 – 4 sessions of cardio
2. 2- 3 sessions of strength – 2 exercises per major muscle group; 2 -3 sets of 8-12 reps
3. Mix the training between calesthenics and resistance machines or weights
4. 1 session of yoga
5. Daily 5-10 minutes a day of quiet deep nostril breathing*

Main goal: Stress Management – Physical restoration
If you lead a really stressful life, releasing physical tightness and tension in the body is the place to start.

1. 2- 3 days of yoga – Or: 1 day of pilates
2. 3-4 sessions of 40-60 minutes of cardio
3. 1 session of weight training
4. Daily 5-10 minutes a day of quiet deep nostril breathing*

To find out more about Lisa Priestly, visit her web site:
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