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Spring Cleaning--Top Twelve Organic Foods to Buy

It’s Spring, finally. Time to get rid of that winter sludge in your system. But, what’s a safe and effective way to do that? What about that Master Cleanse you’ve been hearing about? For the answers to these questions and more, listen to the recording on my April 1st Nancercize Blogtalkradio show. I and my guest Marcela Xavier talked about "Spring Cleaning From the Inside Out."

Marcela is an Integrative Nutrition Coach and Yoga Instructor and is offering a spring cleaning workshop where she will cover the reasons why you should do a cleanse, explain different cleansing programs, discuss which option is appropriate for you and go over detailed explanations on how to get started.

Marcela is a Integrative Nutrition Coach, Yoga Instructor, and the founder/director of Bread and Yoga, a neighborhood studio on upper Manhattan focusing on wellness classes for kids and adults. For more information please visit

During the show we talked about a simple cleanse that just about everyone can do--eating only vegetables and fruits for a few days. We also talked about whether you should buy only organic foods to eat during this type of cleanse. That would be ideal, but organic foods can be pricey or hard to find. So, I'm supplying you with a list that's known as the "Dirty Dozen" --foods that should be your priority to buy Organic.

According to the Environmental Working Group, common growing practices make these crops the most likely to contain pesticide residues:

Bell Peppers
Imported Grapes

Happy eating!
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