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Keep It Fresh

Finding Your Sweet Spot--Maintaining a Healthy Life Style

How can you have more vitality on a daily basis? Do you need new fitness ideas and better fuel choices? ... are you dissatisfied with the results you've been getting and need motivation? Do you need help in maintaining a healthier lifestyle?

In a recent Nancercize Blogtalkradio show, my guest Lisa Priestly and I traded tips about exactly that. Read More 
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Spring Cleaning--Top Twelve Organic Foods to Buy

It’s Spring, finally. Time to get rid of that winter sludge in your system. But, what’s a safe and effective way to do that? What about that Master Cleanse you’ve been hearing about? For the answers to these questions and more, listen to the recording on my April 1st Nancercize Blogtalkradio show. I and my guest Marcela Xavier talked about "Spring Cleaning From the Inside Out."  Read More 
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Finding Your Fitness Sweet Spot – Reaching Your Goals

In my previous post, I provided the measurement tools that Lisa Priestly and I talked about in my recent Nancercize internet radio show, “Finding Your Fitness Sweet Spot.” In this post, I’ll be providing you with Lisa’s recommended template – how to put exercise to use to reach your specific goals and based on your lifestyle. Believe me, the particulars vary greatly depending on whether you’re raring to lose a significant amount of weight, or whether you’re job is “beating you up.”

To listen to the complete episode, please go to

 Read More 
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Are You Stuck?

I and other lifestyle coaches sometimes talk about stages of change. Although these stages are not carved in stone, there are generally five stages that you can find yourself in:

1. Not ready for change.
2. Thinking about change.
3. Preparing for action.
4. Taking action.
5. Maintaining a good thing.

Sometimes I meet people who say they are not happy with the way they look or feel, yet they are not able to make the changes they need to improve things. Or, they have begun to make changes but they keep “falling off the wagon” or have made some changes but are “stuck” in a particular stage, or "relapse to an earlier stage, and their desired goal remains tantalizingly out of reach. This can be frustrating for them and me alike!

Sound familiar?

Fortunately, there is a marvelous tool you can use to help break up this kind of log jam and get things moving.  Read More 
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Restaurant Survival Guide

Are you looking for healthier versions of traditional ways to celebrate Valentine's Day and showing your love? I'm getting ready for my next internet radio show, My guest, Jennifer Cheng and I are going to be talking about sensual food, play, and ways of relaxing that will add to the longevity of your love and your love life.

One of the trickiest items is food.  Read More 
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